Diablo Cat-back F1 VT Exhaust

Published On April 19, 2008 |

Kreissieg is the World’s most advanced and powerful sounding exhaust systems that deliver performance and sound on demand. Unlike any other exhaust system, the Kreissieg Type F1 Race exhaust system allows the driver complete control over the exhaust’s performance and sound attributes.

Kreissieg uses the most advanced engineering and manufacturing techniques to produce the highest quality exhaust products available for Exotics anywhere in the world. Combining massive research and development capabilities with the ultimate in high technology manufacturing, Kreissieg designs and creates what is considered to be the ultimate in high performance exotic exhaust systems.

Normal Mode : This path is a traditional path that takes the exhaust through the catalytic converters and muffler chamber before it exits at the rear tips.

F1 Mode : This path bypasses both the catalytic converters* and muffler chamber, thus taking the exhaust straight from the manifold to its exit at the rear tips.

F1 Mode produces the greatest possible horsepower gain with a true F1 race-style sound.
Strategic placement of butterfly valves in the system allows for instantaneous control between Normal and F1 modes.

A switch placed within the cabin controls the valves. With a simple flip of the switch, the driver selects between Normal and F1 modes.
Diablo Manifold-back F1 VT Exhaust GT Model Only
Make : Lamborghini
Model : Diablo
SubModel : All Diablo Sub Models
Material : 100% Stainless Steel
Performance Level : Manifold-back F1 VT Exhaust GT Model Only
Tip Style : 2×80 mm
Price : $11,998.00 is the exclusive importer for racing exhaust systems built by Kreissieg, LTD in Japan. All exhaust systems sold through achieve maximum performance with unparalleled sound while matching the superior quality of exotic automobiles.

2 Responses to Diablo Cat-back F1 VT Exhaust

  1. Peter h. says:

    Great exhaust system…but it cost almost the same as my car!

  2. Brad says:

    How can I get a Lamborghini Gallardo level 5 very loud sound out of a muffler & exhaust ? I really like the f1 sound as well as the ricer sound , how could this be possible, since the cash is just not there to get one of your kits
    . please help, thank you

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