CDC RV 2 (2)

Gallardo Reventon Kit

Published On March 4, 2010 |

CDC-Internation Ltd produces a breathtaking bodykit for the Lamborghini Gallardo. This bodykit enhancement for the Lamborghini Gallardo adds a Reventon look to existing Lamborghini Gallardos and it features an exciting & highly engineered exterior bodyparts.

With this kit – consisting of side skirts, rear wings, front apron, bonnet, side mirrors and rear grill – Give your Lamborghini Gallardo a brutal look of an exclusive Lamborghini Reventon. There are a lot of Glossy-Carbon components like air intakes, rear diffuser and spoiler sword. The Side Skirts, rear apron and front apron is available in Carbon and in Fiberglass. All the parts are a made in Germany and immediately available.

CDC RV 2 (1)

CDC International produces the highest-quality technology, design and individuality to perfection, from the detail up to the Complete installation according to your wishes. And it combines high tech and manufacturing know-how.

CDC Internation offers an extensive retrofitting of rims in 19/20 inch, tires, wheel sets, and aerodynamic body parts, chassis, brakes, interior finishing and performance tuning up to 800 HP for your sports car.

For more information please visit: CDC International.

4 Responses to Gallardo Reventon Kit

  1. Tuningbox says:

    This grey lamborgini is like a dream comes true. I hope someday I will possess one of them.

  2. chiptuning says:

    I would like to try it on 1/4 miles on a drag race. 🙂

  3. x movies says:

    Wow, This lambo rocks!

  4. x movies says:

    How i wish i could posses one of such lambos!

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