Premier4509 Introduces Gallardo Design Package

Published On April 24, 2008 |

Premier4590 debuts a new body kit for the Lamborghini Gallardo. The Japanese tuning firm released a similar kit like the one on the Continental GT some time ago. Premier4509’s Gallardo kit consists of a new bumpers front and rear, side skirts, a rear spoiler and optional stainless exhaust tips, plus the same forged rims as seen on the company’s Bentley.

The front end clearly draws its inspiration from the Lamborghini Reventon.All the pieces are Japan hand made and will be made using a mix of Carbon Fiber and FRP. “For this line up we have assembled our best teams of craftsmen in Japan to hand build these parts.” said Hironoa Yokomaku, the president of Premier4509.

The design of this kit will help the aerodynamic efficiency and it will direct the airflow, venting crucial car components. The body kit directs additional amount of cold air to Gallardo’s crucial components like engine, brakes and this sort of stuff. “We’ve been in this business for twenty years now and we’ve always been known for our quality. The design is reminiscent of where Lamborghini is headed in design. I wanted to capture that essence while offering a dramatic option to Gallardo owners” affirmed Yokomaku. As Premier4509 points out, has been laboriously hand-stitched together because some panels are actually wider than the sheets in which the material comes.


The collection of Premier4509 does not stop here, continuing on expanding the lineup which also includes the introduction of a wide body kit right for the Bentley Continental GT and Lamborghini Murcielago. They intend on adding more products for Maserati and Aston Martin also. Premier4509 is a name brand created and developed by VeilSide, a Japanese automotive performance firm specialized in automotive parts that includes aero design, engine parts plus luxury wheels.

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