RevoZport Lamborghini Aventador “LaMotta”

Published On December 19, 2013 |

RevoZport is proud to announce the Lamborghini Aventador “LaMotta”. This Raging Bull is engineered to be agile, powerful and stylish in all aspects of the LP700. This project is not just about styling, it has to be a meaningful upgrade, we go with weight savings, extra down force and linear power upgrade.

To achieve this, RevoZport first shed 80kg off the original LP700 from 1600kg to just 1520kg with the use of pre-preg carbon fibre hood which weight only 3kg, a pair of nicely stitched Alcantara carbon fibre seats similar to the LP670 SV, carbon door panels, a new set of rear bumper and air tunnel all contributed to this diet program. The aerokit comprises of a front extended lip with canards, side skirts, complete rear bumper with a more aggressive air tunnel design and the trunk spoiler.


Performance has been upgraded to 820hp, RevoZport refuse to use any force induction system for big HP gains and look for a more linear power gain and retain the beauty of the normal aspirated engine. A new set of inconel exhaust system (weight only 5kg) and a complete revised ECU mapping from its engineer partner from the GruppeM Racing in London.

Wheels are made from Aerospace Grade Aluminum Alloys forged and heated to achieve the ultimate tensile strength namely “6061-T6″ and a savings of 1-1.5kg weight savings over the original LP700 wheels. This set of 20″ & 21” wheel are specially designed to fit the LP700 and a special offset for LaMotta.


LaMotta – LP700 Aerokit (Complete Kit)
Carbon Bonnet
Carbon Front Splitter
Carbon Front Bumper Canard
Carbon Engine Cover with Lightweight Lexan Glass
Carbon Side Skirt Set
Carbon Rear Air Tunnel Diffuser
Carbon Rear Trunk Spoiler with Decklid Panel

LaMotta Carbon Sports Seat
LaMotta Carbon Door Panels

High Flow Inconel Cat Back Exhaust System
ECU Remap

High Flow Titanium Cat Back Exhaust System
ECU Remap

Klassen ID M52R with custom size and color

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