Roll bar and roll cage for Lamborghini

Published On March 10, 2012 |

It’s well known that Lamborghini don’t really build cars for children. All vehicles that leave the factory in Sant’Agata are thoroughbred super sports cars with 500 PS and more. This temperament however also needs to be kept under control as a ride out can quickly go awry. Whereby the greatest danger comes from other drivers who even in their dreams cannot imagine the power and speed that such a bull can bring to the road.

Some safety is now offered by the company IMSA with a roll bar to fit all Gallardo, LP 550, LP 560 and LP 570 coupe models. Those who have once rolled a car like this appreciate having the car interior protected like this and knowing that there is sufficient survival space available. A practical feature of the roll bar are the fastening points for the shoulder harness.


Those wanting to charge around a racetrack in their Lamborghini can turn their roll bar into a roll cage. As it is only screwed in place it can be easily fitted or dismantled. Both the roll bar and the roll cage are approved by the FIA.

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2 Responses to Roll bar and roll cage for Lamborghini

  1. Øyvind Nilssen says:

    Does it fit an 04 Gallardo? I live in Norway, can move around in Europe. Right now the car is in Frankfurt. I´m looking for someone that can put a cage, harnesses and fiber seats in my car. Hope to hear from you soon.

  2. Sambo says:

    I’m looking for the same – ’04 roll cage. Any luck?

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